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Essay on 2008 Presidential Campaign Ad

Essay on 2008 Presidential Campaign Ad


Political Participation

2008 Presidential Campaign Ad

The 2008 Presidential campaign Ads pitted Democrats candidate John McCain and Barrack Obama. In one of the ads, McCain uses the ads to demonstrate Obama as extravagant celebrity. In this regard, the tax ad refers his competitor as a wasteful personality who does not care about the budget of the family (Halloran and Writer 1). In fact, the ad demonstrated that the intended to increase the taxes after assuming presidency. Additionally, it suggests that doing so would become an economic disaster for the country.

Figure 1 Obama will increase taxes (Halloran and Writer)

The Obama campaign ad was released to counter McCain’s ad. The ad alleged McCain of intending to allocate huge tax breaks to petroleum firms and multinational companies and corporation delivering job out of the country while providing millions of locals zero tax relief (Sinderbrand 1). The ad also accuses McCain of being partially liable for loss of over 1,100 jobs resulting from shut down of factories. It also pointed out that he had failed to deal with unfair economic policies advanced by China.

Figure 2 McCain on Tax Breaks (Sinderbrand)

2016 Presidential election

Donald Trump used ads with a phrase “Make America Great Again”. Through such ad, Trump assisted his supporters to reflect their desires of better lives in the future. It also played a part in driving him towards an unanticipated victory (Barry 1). It captured the hearts of many citizens who felt that the country was moving on a downward course  hence need to move back to the past magnificence days in terms of stability, employment and cooperating to accomplish American dream.

Figure 3 Make America Great Again (Barry)

The campaign ad by Hillary Clinton seeks to support the minority population in the country such as Latinos. It attempts to advance kindness and love (Corasaniti 1). The ad also spreads emotional call for unity among the Americans against a backdrop of deportation of illegal immigrants

Figure 4 Kindness and love Ad (Corasaniti)

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