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Essay on President Trump’s Leadership Style

Essay on President Trump’s Leadership Style


President Trump’s Leadership Style

President Donald Trump’s administration is often criticized as one of the most scandalous governments in United States history. Despite his controversies, President Trump has managed to push for some of his agendas through his persistence. Based on the concept of the core traits of leadership, Trump’s leadership portrays that he has the drive, leadership motivation, and self-confidence to lead the government. According to Hitt, Miller and Collela (2011), being a driven leader entails being ambitious, persistent and having the energy to continue leading during turbulent times. In the president’s case, his drive is portrayed by his ability to face the challenges repeatedly rocking his administration. The trait of leadership motivation entails having a desire to gain power or influence over people (Hitt, Miller & Collela, 2011). This trait may be seen through President Trump’s use of his executive power to overturn congressional decisions. Moreover, Trump is a charismatic leader who influences his followers through his Twitter page and appeals to their emotions. For instance, Trump’s 2016 presidential slogan, “Make America Great Again,” was instrumental in making him gain the support of his conservative followers. Conversely, Trump’s leadership affirms that he is yet to fully develop the core traits of integrity, cognitive ability and knowledge of the domain. The absence of these three qualities have made him the center of controversial issues and resulted in his ineffective leadership.

Trump’s leadership style may be termed as either initiating structure or job centered based on the behavioral theory of leadership. Essentially, this leadership style involves letting one’s employees know what is expected of their performance. This style involves the close supervision of employees to ensure that they work towards a leader’s intended goals. Trump’s leadership style may also be defined as a directive leadership style based on the path-goal leadership theory. Like the initiating structure and job centered styles, directive leadership involves setting the standards and rules that employees should follow. Ultimately, these leadership styles can make employees less productive, as the pressure from such leaders can be overwhelming. It is no secret that Trump’s administration has had one of the highest resignations and dismissals of executive and White House employees.

In conclusion, Trump has the drive, leadership motivation, and self-confidence to push for a few of his agendas. However, his leadership style vastly focuses on his goals that he fails to appreciate the need for close interpersonal relationships with his employees. In essence, this leadership style fails to promote cooperation between him and his employees and puts him in a position of forcing his executive power on them.  


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