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Precognitive Dreaming Essay

Precognitive Dreaming

Precognitive dreams appear to provide predictions as to future outcomes through some form of sixth sense. It is a way with which some individuals perceive as having information accurately predicting future outcomes unrelated to preexisting knowledge acquired through conventional means (Houran & Lange,1998). To properly explain what precognitive dreaming entails, it is important to offer an explanation through an example. Assuming Jane dreams that she is pregnant and a few weeks later discovers that she is actually two months pregnant. This is not a precognitive dream as her subconscious is aware of the physical changes going on in her body. Such are intuitive dreams common with many individuals.

Abraham Lincoln is said to have experienced a precognitive dream and shared his dream with his wife. In the dream, he saw a funeral ceremony playing out at the White House. He asked an individual in this very dream whose funeral it was and got the reply,’ it is the president of the United States. Two weeks later the 16th

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