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Politics of Resources and Development Essay

Politics of Resources and Development Essay

Politics of Resources and Development

The term electronic herd is used in Thomas Friedman’s book, “The Lexus and the Olive Tree” (Friedman, 2000). A term he uses to describe the effects of Globalization in today’s world in which he claims that retail supermarkets have fully embraced globalization replacing the world super powers as to their resourcefulness to use the free market principles to maximize on massive revenue sourcing market mechanisms and literally using the capitalist super economies military hardware to beat down any resistance to their mission.

The electronic herd is further divided into the short horn herd and the long horn herd. The short horn herd in the context of the Lexus and the Olive Tree is the capitalist investor feeding his hunger for wealth by buying up everything on offer in stocks and money markets(Friedman, 2000). The long horn herd on the other hand in the same context refers to large multinational corporations engaging in foreign direct investments by offering finances and expertise to build industries through strategic alliances and partnerships. The herd is unstoppable with world leaders relegated to wooing the herd as a source of investment. These are the shapers (multinational corporations) and adapters (State leaders).

However, there have been pronounced incidences of backlash as expressed in the book by Friedman; McDonald in Japan had to formulate its policies to accommodate the cultural practices of the Japanese people. The Olive Tree is used to symbolically express the counties whose people have a well developed sense of national cultures which tend to dilute the electronic herds projections and thus these cultures pose a threat to the money making mechanisms. In Southern Fr

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