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Political Speech Analysis Essay

Political Speech Analysis Essay

Analyzing a Political Speech

Summary of the Speech

This paper will analyze the speech that President Donald Trump made on 1st September 2016, in Phoenix, Arizona. The Republican presidential nominee made the speech some days to the general election, and it aimed at convincing the Americans how he will handle the issue of immigration soon after he is elected as the 45th president of the United States. He made this speech soon after meeting the by then president of Mexico, Enrique Pena Nieto earlier in the day, where they had discussed some issues of interest, including the immigration of Mexicans into the U.S (Rishi n.p). In his speech, Trump expressed to his supporters how he is displeased with the illegal influx of Mexicans into the U.S., as that was one of the major factor which had been contributing to increase of insecurity, unending influx of illegal guns, cash, and drugs. He criticized the former regime (President Barrack Obama`s administration) due to its laxity in enforcing the immigration system, and that the immigration system favors the interests of the rich minorities especially power politicians, political activists, and wealthy donors, rather than the common American citizens who are the majorities. In his speech, he promised to improve the immigration laws and policies in order to not only enhance the security of the Americans, but also to curb numerous other negative impacts of illegal influx of foreigners to the American citizens, such as poor housing, tax bills, general living conditions, wages, quality of education, as well as the security of jobs. In his speech, Trump also highlight a number of insecurity issues which have occurred as a result of the Obama and Clinton`s open border policy. Some of these security issues included the brutal murder of a 21-year-old lady, Sarah Root who was killed by an illegal immigrant who had a track record of criminal activities, the murder of a 21-year-old store clerk, Grant Ronnebeck, who was also killed by an illegal immigrant gang member, the murder of Kate Steinle, Earl Olander and Marilyn Pharis, who were also all killed by illegal migrants who had a history of criminal activities (Rishi n.p).

He also vowed to construct a great wall along the southern border, and the burden of building that wall (which will be approximately 2,000 miles long) will be catered by the Mexican government. He also promised that his administration will have zero tolerance for criminal aliens, especially by deporting them back to their original land. He also promised to terminate executive amnesties which were granted by President Obama (Rishi n.p). He also promised to deny entry of individuals from the Muslim dominated countries such as Iraq, Libya, and Afghanistan.

Analysis of Trump`s speech on Immigration

I strongly concur with Donald Trump`s argument that the border laws and policies in t

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