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Political Science Article Analysis 1200 words

Political Science Article Analysis 1200 words

Political science

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The editorial article, For Canada, it’s a national carbon strategy or nothing, written by the Globe and Mail Editorial teamtouches on the contentious aspect of national carbon strategy in Canada. Arguments and counterarguments have marred the country’s standing carbon strategy. Different court rulings influenced the implementation of outstanding national strategy. According to the article author, the country is at the crossroads. In one end are individuals who favor total closure of oil and gas industries, which is Canada’s economic stimulant, and in another end, are commentators who favor total disregard of international law concerning carbon emission.

The big problem impeding Canada’s successful implementation of working carbon strategy lies with Canada’s perpetual reliance on provinces to implement autonomous programs and policies. In the article, the writer indicates this aspect, which the editors say was a problem initiated during the era of British dominion. For one to understand this, you need to visit the textbook, especially the pages that talk about Canada’s constitutional arrangements. In the 1770s, Canada began to make different constitutional arrangements that started with amendments designed to settle diversity existing in the country (Telford, 2015). The challenge that the British faced was diversity in Canadian society. It was difficult to unite all regions in Canada as some regions had their specific autonomy (Telford, 2015). To sort out difficulties in making the constitution, the British made constitutional arrangements that would suit each diverse region. For instance, the royal proclamation which affirms the British dominion over Canada was inapplicable in the state of Quebec, which was given special recognition by the British.

Quebec region, though given special constitution exception, was a diverse society with British minorities living with French people. This was a dilemma for the British authorities. In the Constitution Act of 1791, the British, realizing that ruling Quebec with the ex

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