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Rhetorical Analysis of a political advertisement “Bad News”

Rhetorical Analysis of a political advertisement “Bad News”


The political advertisement announces bad news for democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Richard Nixon explains that people must understand whether their leader is a crook. The FBI director noted that Clinton has encountered a wide range of criminal investigations (Future45). The director referred her as ‘extremely careless”. The advertisement dubbed the new development as a new bombshell. Furthermore, the political ad explained that FBI unpredictably renewed its criminal investigations of the private email belonging to Hillary Clinton. The advertisement ends with a question how Americans could elect someone who is under FBI investigations (Future45).

The political advertisement was posed to be a bad news for Hillary Clinton, as it appears to advance the idea that she mismanaged classified information when she was the Secretary of State. The FBI had rebuked her for being careless (Future45). Her rival, Republic Candidate Donald Trump used the statement from FBI to launch a scathing attack on her. The political advert seems to pay close attention on the words of Peter Strzok who pointed out that Clinton’s actions were aimed at violating the law. Therefore, it meant that Clinton’s behaviours were extremely serious because they placed the country at a major security risk (Future45).

The bad news advertisement utilizes a wide range of metaphors. First, the advert starts by stating that a “president is a crook”. It is used to mean that Hillary Clinton is a criminal, offender, lawbreaker or dishonest individual who cannot be trusted with leadership. In this regard, the utilization of family emails and server was contrary to the procedures and protocols of State Department (Future45). Moreover, importantly, the ad mentions her as criminal because her actions contravene federal laws. After FBI had conducted th

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