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this the first discussion for this classChild Welfare
and wants a little bit more add 200 words or more and reference
For this discussion you will need to watch the following video and complete the reading assignment from the textbook.
PennStatePublicBroadcasting. (2011). Telling Amys Story. [Video File]. Retrieved from
Click the Document icon below for a transcript of this video.
Be sure to use specific information from the text to support your answers.
(When referencing the text APA paper formatting and citation style must be used.)
View and Use this document for unit assignment
this the second discussion for this classTeaching Art and Music in Early Childhood 200 to 250 words or more and citation style and reference
Each year the infant-toddler program you work in offers a variety of lunch n learn events. The upcoming event is scheduled to be Making Music Together: The Powerful Role of Music in Your Childs Life. Your director has asked you to conduct a 30-minute workshop with your group of parents. Share how you will conduct these parts of the short meeting.1. A 1015 minute informal chat outlining how music supports and nurtures childrens developmental skills. Include ways parents can integrate musical activities at home.2. Using the sites provided below select and teach one lullaby and one musical play song to your families.
this how she wants it did for this discussion
What to include in your workshop:
1. Explain how music supports and nurtures children’s developmental skills
2. Question: What are some ways parents can integrate musical activities at home.
3. Present one lullabyincluding the teaching methodsyou will use with the parents
4. Present one musical play songincluding the teaching methodsyou will use with the parents
5. Explain to the parents how they can make up songs.Demonstrate this by making up a verse for each of your songs and suggest this as a strategy to use at home.

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