Personal Experiences of climate Change

Personal Experiences of climate Change

Personal Experiences of climate Change

In 2009, me and my family we were caught unawares by the ocean water that had reached our door step. We had experienced heavy rains in the past weeks than what I had experienced since I was born. The high rainfall was a reminder of what our neighbors who lived nearer to the ocean had experienced two years before. They were forced to relocate to a higher ground. It appeared to be our turn to do the same. The increase in the rainfall and ocean water confirmed our fears for the effects of global warming. Floods had been the events during the heavy rainfall which caused deaths a destruction of property. Also, the rain was accompanied with strong wind and thunderstorms. The power supply lines were destroyed by this events leading to blackouts in our residential state. The rain continued for several days increasing the flooding water levels that forced us to move to a higher ground to secure our belongings and life (Wagner, 2009).

The happening of this events agreed with the weather forecast team predictions that fitted the pattern of climate change. The local BBC news station was continuously running news on climate change and its shortcomings. According to BBC news, the activities of human beings were the major contributors to the change in the climate. The problematic weather condition served as a proof for the effects of poor management of environmental resources. There has been efforts by the environmental groups to mobilize people on the importance of conserving the environment. However, the degradation of the environmental by human activities is still being witnessed by the increasing levels of environmental pollution. More needs to be done to guarantee stability in weather patterns for peaceful existence (Emanuel, 2005).


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