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Essay on Personal Development Plan Portfolio

Essay on Personal Development Plan Portfolio

Personal Development Plan Portfolio


Professionals must coordinate their actions if they want to progress in their careers. A personal development plan is an essential tool in organising individuals’ efforts. The personal development plan will provide me with vast opportunities to plan and also define the critical career goals I want to achieve in the mental health profession. The portfolio will also clarify the appropriate strategies that will help accomplish my professional goals. Another benefit of a professional portfolio is that the document will help me pay keen attention to any flaws that I am experiencing. The defects range from professional activities to the personal traits which undermine effective discharge of service to mental health patients.

Statement of purpose

The purpose of the paper is to elaborate on how a professional portfolio enhances professional growth in the field of mental health. The article will, therefore, highlight on how noting academic strengths like having a degree in the field of health, weaknesses like sensitivity to critics, opp

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