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Essay on pediatric nurse practitioner topic examples.

Essay on pediatric nurse practitioner topic examples.


A pediatric nurse practitioner cares for children from infancy to early and late teen ages.  The practitioner studied at Kuplan University and attained a bachelor’s degree in nursing.  He is a registered nurse practitioner. He also did a license exam and later offered a Registered Nurse license. The practitioner is currently working with society of pediatric nurses. (Judith, 2010)

The best evidence is very important in the delivery of nurse services. Evidence is facts necessary for making the best conclusion. Use of evidence involves use of the best evidence or the latest evidence. Evidence guides any nurse in making the best verdict in a logical manner. To get this best evidence, it is necessary to also use models such as Force Field Analysis model. The nurse identifies a problem and to get the best data they require follow up questions. These follow up questions give evidence. (Thede, 2010)

There is a need for safeguard and good decision support tools in any nursing system for perfect operations.  These safeguards include; having scholarships for evidence based practice to experts to educate the nurses, use of modern technology, Artificial Intelligence machines to aid in fast recognition of illnesses and improve on outcomes, also the nurses should have good knowledge and skills aided by proper communication. (Judith, 2010)

There are patient care technologies that have improved the way nurses work. Some of these technologies include: the internet being fed with information by experts and, as a result,

  Become the primary source of information, having electronic health reports, there are also ways of communicating with physicians using recent technology such as vide calls. There is also a rampant improvement in text messaging. (Judith, 2010)

There are groups of health care workers that rely on important information from workers. These groups of workers include the doctors. They use these data to solve critical illnesses. Manufacturers of pharmaceuticals also use this information in manufacturing of drugs. Also, people who post information to the internet about different illnesses use these data in order to post accurate information.

In a typical working day, a pediatric practitioner attends to different duties. These duties include; attending to patients; providing direct patience care; supervising licensed practical nurses; working closely with the entire team of doctors. Generally a nurse’s work revolves around a patient all day.

This interview definitely has an impact as a BSN prepared nurse. It enables the nurse to acquire new working skill as a result of listening from an experienced nurse. The nurse learns more of evidence collecting models.  They also get to know of good technology to use as a nurse for perfect results.

There were resources used to familiarize with the organization and become a good interviewer. Some of these resources include written journals of duties of nurses. A written journal of Kuplan University to familiarize with the program covered by the interviewer for the course units offered. In conclusion, this interview served an important part of making the interviewer get the real taste of the real scenario of the nursing job and duties. (Judith, 2010)


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