Paper based on job applications you can’t use Arby’s and the same issue with each application - Essay Prowess

Paper based on job applications you can’t use Arby’s and the same issue with each application

Paper based on job applications you can’t use Arby’s and the same issue with each application

Applied Written Assignment #2 (60 Points Total)

Part I: Identifying Illegal or Potentially Illegal Application Questions (50 points)


  1. Using only job applications on Canvas provided by the instructor, which are posted below this assignment in Canvas in the “Written Applied Papers” module, find five illegal or potentially illegal questions. You may not use the Arby’s application because we are going to use it in class discussions as

 an example. You are also not allowed to use examples I provided in these instructions (ex. social security

 number).Zero credit will be given for answers that match categories of errors provided in instructions.

  • Each answer is worth 10 points for a total of 50 points for Part I.
  • You need to provide APA (7th edition) in-text citations to indicate where your information came from for sections d and e of every answer. Answers without in-text citations or with quotations that are missing page/para numbers will automatically receive a zero. You do not need to have citations for sections a, b, or c of your answer. You are indicating where the application question came from in point a so, I do not need you to give a page number for actual application question.
  • Please number your answers in chronological order (not using a number off an application).
  • Each rationale section (bullet “d” – see example) should be at least five sentences long. Make sure sentences are grammatically correct and free form spelling errors. Double space answers.
  • Each rationale should contain at least four APA citations from a minimum of three different sources of information.
  • You may not repeat a category or an application. For example, if you discuss the issues with social security questions on one job application, you may not use social security as another one of your answers for a different job application. You also may not use the same application for more than one answer. You

 must find five distinct problems from five different job applications. Answers with repeating applications or categories will receive a zero.

  • You must have a “Title” page (with a running head in all capital letters) as well as a “Reference” page (at the end of your document), in APA format, to indicate where the in-text citations in your answers came from. Papers without a reference page will automatically receive a zero.

9)    You may not use any of my examples in these instructions for your answers. For example, I just mentioned social security number… you may not use this as an example.

  1. Students should include everything on one Word Document and upload as a single file. Use the format provided below in the example answer. If you do not use this format, you will receive a deduction or zero for your assignment.

Formatting Instructions for Your Word Document

If the question is always illegal, on any job application, you need to use this format:

ANSWER #: (Note: Not application # but the chronological number you are now on… 1,2,3,4,..)

  1. Reference which job application the question came from.
  • Indicate this question is illegal.
  • Write out the question exactly as written on the job application (do not need to APA cite).
  • Explain the rationale for why this application question is illegal (include which/what law(s)/legislation this question violates). Your rationale should be no less than 5 sentences with at least 4 citations in APA

 format from a m inimum of 3 different sources. (Yes, I am aware these numbers should be written out in word form, but I wanted to provide a visual.)

  • Indicate if there is another way to ask this question legally or indicate if there should be a different approach taken all together based on the suggestion of an expert in the field. Use APA format.

Note: Each answer should include these five components but use letters as shown below to delineate

 components of the answer.

Example of an illegal question (use this format):


  1. Duck Man Donuts
  • Illegal
  • “Are you a diabetic or has anyone in your family ever been diagnosed with sugar mania?”
  • Author XYZ et al. (2018) posit organizations should not ask questions about an applicant’s ….

continue with rationale. This question is in direct violation of… XYZ law and also potentially ABC law. Governmental agency ABC has clear guidelines which predicate only blah blah blah can be evaluated. Inherently, “Organizations may not     xyz         ” (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission [EEOC], 2019a, para. 8). Inherently, including content on an application about        also could even create a                                                because  ….. (Author et al., 2020).

  • Alternative Question: Instead of asking a question about medically related information, an organization should provide applicants detailed job information so they can make an informed

decision about applying for the job and any medical constraints they have (Author et al., 2021).

If the question is potentially illegal you need to:

  1. Reference which job application the question came from.
  • Indicate this question is potentially illegal.
  • Write out the selected application question exactly as written on the application (do not need to cite).
  • Provide a compelling rationale for why this question is potentially illegal. “Why,” in this instance, should the question not be asked (indicate what law/pending legislation could potentially be violated and how this might happen). You must use a minimum of 5 sentences with at least 4 citations in APA format.
  • Indicate if there is another way to ask this question legally or indicate if there should be a different approach taken all together based on the suggestion of an expert in the field. Use APA formatting.

Note: Each answer should include these five components but use letters as shown below to delineate

 components of the answer.

Example of an answer for a potential illegal question (use this format):


  1. Arby’s
  • Potentially Illegal
  • “Do you have reliable transportation to work?” (You may not use this example or any questions

related to accessing locations not accessible by public transportation.)

  • Driving a personal vehicle or company vehicle is not an essential job function. An essential job function is         xyz           (Citation). Author et al. (2017) postulate “in the absence of     xyz        , organizations should not         xyz            ” (p. 42). This question could create an                   based on the Americans with Disability Act (EEOC, 2019b) as someone may not be able to drive but could still work as a cashier. Craft a compelling rationale that is at least five sentences long!
    • Alternative question: This organization is probably trying to make sure an employee will not miss shifts and will arrive to work on time. Alternatively, they should ask, “Are you able to arrive at work on-time?” (SHRM, 2020, para. 13).

Part II: Writing Interview Questions (10 points)


In this section, you are writing interview questions you could ask during potential candidate interviews. These questions should assess an individual’s fit for a specific position within an organization (based on the job statement, job duties/essential functions, and job specifications). Keep in mind what questions will assess the capabilities of the person you are interviewing, as well as the motivation to perform at a high level if given this position.

To accurately write interview questions, you will need to look at a few job descriptions, including O*Net, to understand the position you may have to hire for. You will ask better questions by actually having a job description that includes the job title, job identification/job statement, job duties/job essential functions, and job specifications.

You must create a t least 10 questions to assess the Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Personality of job candidates. Your questions should allow you to juxtapose candidates to ascertain who the most qualified candidate is. You may not copy these off the internet or any other source. You must create the questions


Tell me the position and organization you are writing the interview questions for, then write all 10 interview questions for the same position. Number your interview questions 1 through 10 and indicate the type of question you are asking (i.e. situational, behavioral, structured). You must have at least two situational interview questions and two behavioral description interview questions.

Keep in mind the legal parameters related to interview questions, essential job functions, and the competencies you are trying to assess. Do not ask any questions that could land you in court!


Position: Women’s Soccer Coach

Organization: University of North Carolina at Pembroke

  1. Situational Interview Question – Two of your star players are constantly arguing on the field during the game. What would be your short-term and long-term solutions for addressing this issue?

 Important assignment parameters and reminders …

  1. No late assignments are accepted without documentation of FMLA.
  • No websites may be used except EEOC, SHRM, DOL, and O*Net.
  • Avoid conjecture! Provide support for your answers and indicate where you gathered the supporting evidence for your suppositions in Part I.
  • You must follow the “writing guidelines” posted in Canvas.
  • Your similarity match must be below 30% on the report, which means you may not just cut and paste answer for your entire paper. If your paper contains plagiarized material, you will receive a zero. Some direct quotes are acceptable but use in-text citations to reference facts you learned in an article but wrote in your own words. Papers must be posted to canvas before

 assignments will be graded.

  • Answers that include in-text citations must be consistent with APA formatting 7th edition style guidelines. One point will be deducted for each APA formatting error so please review guidelines carefully. Answers without in-text citations or page numbers for quotes will receive a zero.
  • You must use our class textbook as one source for answering questions. In addition, use the library database system to find peer-reviewed journal articles to find support for your suppositions. See directions in the folder under “APA Formatting and Research Paper Resources” Module.

 Rubric for Assignment #2 (60 Points Total)

Accuracy (correct answer and answers questions that were asked): Student provided accurate/correct answer to question. Student did not talk about unrelated topics and included all required sections.

Thoroughness and Grammar (wrote a complete and compelling answer): Student included a complete and compelling justification for their answer. Rationale should be provided which thoroughly explains each component required. Section “d” of answer was at least five sentences long and they included all sections in answer. Answers were grammatically correct and understandable.

Validity and reliability (must have multiple references and in-text citations from credible sources to answer questions): For questions 1 to 5, student avoided conjecture and used correctly formatted APA

in-text citations to support suppositions. No websites were used except those specified in instructions. Student used at least four citations from a minimum of four difference sources to answer every question and used a combination of no less than 11 references in total (our textbook, peer-reviewed journal articles, and approved web-based resources) References are used as in-text citations to support suppositions and references for these sources are on a separate “Reference” page. Student used a correctly formatted citation every two sentences at a minimum.

Part 1 Question #Accuracy/Correct 0 to 3 PointsThoroughness & Grammar 0 to 5 PointsValidity and Reliability 0 to 2 Points
Part 2 InterviewAccuracy/Correct 0 to 6 PointsTwo Situational Questions 0 to 2 PointsTwo Behavioral Questions 0 to 2 Points
All 10 Questions   
Totals for each section   

Total Score Before Deductions:                            

See page below for chart of deductions…. Yes… you can end up with a negative score if you do not follow instructions. Even if you correctly answer Questions 1 through 9, these deductions are subtracted off your total points.

Total points – Deductions (next page) = Grade

Final Assignment #2 Grade:                          _

Deductions for Assignment #2

Points will be deducted for:

#Reason for DeductionDeductionPoints Deducted
  1Student did not use Times New Roman Font Size 12, had wonky font changes, or failed to double space sentences.1 point for each incident 
2Student did not number answers in chronological order.1 point for each incident 
3Student used unapproved sources as support for answers1 point for each incident 
  4Student’s “Reference” page was not in APA format, did not match in-text citations, or was incomplete. (Including correctly citing our book.)  Up to 11 points 
  5Student did not use at least 11 approved sources of information. One source of information must be our textbook.  Up to 11 points 
6Similarity match on is above the 30% criteria.1 point for every point over 30% 
  7Incorrectly cited information or lack of correct APA citation. Must include page or para number for answer to quote.Up to 10 points for each incident 
8Student did not write in 3rd person. (Used words such as you, your, I, we….)1 point for each incident 
  9Paper contains plagiarized material. *Plus, student will be reported to university student conduct committee.Up to zero for assignment and F in course* 
  10Missing or incorrect title page and/or missing running head in all capital letters with page #.  5 points 
    11Student did not use left alignment for text in answers. Student center justified answers and did not follow APA formatting instructions for setting up paper.  1 point for every answer that is center justified. 
    12Student used same application or same error category more than once. Or student used example from instruction sheet or an application outside of what was provided on Canvas by instructor.  10 points – Zero for each answer. 
  13Student failed to include a reference page on assignment.60 points – Student will receive a zero on entire assignment. 
 Total Deductions  

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