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Essay on Ozzille Mobile Technology Project

Essay on Ozzille Mobile Technology Project

1.1 set up the project set the completion date and allocate responsibilities

Ozzille Mobile Technology Project

Start date:                           1/1/2015

Completion date:             5/7/2015

The project will be a mobile technology project plan. There will be the definition of the goals and the responsibilities to be allocated. The project plan that will outlined will serve as an agreement between the parties involved which h include the project sponsors, the project team and the steering committee. The scope definition of the project will include a scope definition of the new mobile technology. It will include, 35 mobile devices, the digital card dispatch software and an automated field reporting software (Masterman,2004).

The responsibilities of the stakeholders are as below (Project Management Institute, 2004).

Role Responsibilities
The sponsor   decision maker and tie breakerproject oversight and guidancecheck and review project elements
Steering Committee Resolves conflicts and issuesProvides direction to the Project Manager Review project deliverables                  
Project Manager   Manages project  in accordance to the project planServes as liaison to the Steering Committee Receive guidance from Steering Committee Supervises consultantsSupervise vendor(s)Provide overall project directionDirect/lead team members toward project objectivesHandle problem resolutionManages the project budget  
Project Participants Provide knowledge and recommendationsHelps identify and remove project barriersAssure quality of products that will meet the project goals and objectivesIdentify risks and issues and help in resolutions  
Subject Matter Experts Lend expertise and guidance as needed  

1.2 choose the appropriate size team with the knowledge and the abilities required for the project

there will be a team of experts who will be required to carry out the projects through the different milestones to its completion.

  1. The project sponsor

The responsibilities f the projects sponsor includes the ultimate decision making. The project sponsor should also provide an oversight of the project and guidance too.  He will be also responsible with the review of some important elements of the project (Kerzner, 2001).

  • Te steering committee

This committee will comprise of members who commit the resources of the department. The committee will also approve the major funding and the resource allocation strategies. They will also be involved in the resolving of conflicts and issues among its members and review the deliverables of the project (Goyal, 2010).

  • The project manager

The manager will be responsible for the management of the project in accordance to the project plan.  He will also provide the overall project directions and handle the problem resolutions.

  • The project participants

The participants will have the duty of understanding the user needs and the business processes of their area. They will also be involved with the review of the project deliverables and identification of the risks and the issues and help in their resolutions (Heerkens, 2002).

1.3 plan the appropriate documentation

the project will ensure that:

  1. End users have input to the design process
  2. The project goals and the objectives should be completed within the defined budget and the time scale set
  3. The project will also minimize the impact to the standard business operations within the affected units
  4. There should be a favorable and also a secure agreement between the department and the vendor who has been selected.

1.4 plan the actions and the resources which are needed to achieve the success of the event or the project

there are different resources which we will require to successfully meet the objectives of the project. One of the resources is the money resource followed by the human resource. Money will be required to run the daily works. There are different resources which are needed to complete the project. Apart from the money resource there is the labor, equipment and material (Bamfor, 1991).

The labor resource will include the individual listed above and in addition there will be:

Among the labor as a resource will also include the Subject Matter Experts. These people will lend the necessary guidance and the expertise as needed.  The subject matter experts will be identified by the steering committee.  The project participants is also another project labor resource who will help in the identification and the removal of the barriers of the project (Masterman,2004).

The equipments will also be an important resource and will include the stationery, the office equipment will include the Personal Computers, the photocopiers and mobile phones which will be used for communication purposes.  The equipments will also include the telecommunications equipments which include the cabling and the switches.  The heavy and the right machinery like vehicles to travel around will also be among the equipments necessary for the project (Goyal, 2010).

The equipments like the mobile devices will be important in training clients on the manner in which they are to implement the projects.  One of the goals of the project is to ensure high level of data security and to demonstrate this the mobile resources will b

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