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Essay on Oppo’s mix marketing strategy

Essay on Oppo’s mix marketing strategy

Oppo's mix marketing strategy

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Oppo's mix marketing strategy

Despite being a "rookie" in the mobile market, what Oppo has done so far is quite impressive. Last 2017 was a year that was considered a success of Oppo when they had a strong breakthrough, surpassing the stunned competitors, to own a large market share in the industry that many smartphone companies had to desire. In particular, in Vietnam, Oppo only stood behind the only "big man" Samsung in the market share battle. Is Oppo's success secret special? Let's analyze Oppo's marketing strategy to find the answer.

Overview of Oppo

Oppo Electronics Corp. is an electromagnetic manufacturer from China, based in Guangdong, founded by Tony Chen in 2004. Oppo entered the mobile phone market in 2008 and entered the Vietnamese market. Male in 2013. With a focus on China and Southeast Asia market, Oppo confidently upholds the desire to "surpass" big Samsung and Apple in this market and reach out to the world.

Since penetrating into the mobile phone market, Oppo constantly applies the latest technologies, the best quality and the most user-friendly products. Oppo is a registered trademark in 140 countries around the world, providing customers with products that are highly appreciated by many leading experts.

Oppo's mix marketing strategy Product (Product)

Oppo is a leader in China in building brand reputation with high quality products. In the mobile segment, the main target group is young customers, especially women. Oppo products have thin lines and details that fit the needs of women. In particular, Oppo phones focus on improving camera quality, serving the "selfie" of young people. Oppo tries to make a difference with other competitors' products in the market by asserting their products are "selfie expert" - "selfie expert".

OPPO when entering Vietnam is a small phone company with mid-range phones, if compared with "big guys" in smartphone industry such as Samsung or LG, there is no advantage. However, OPPO's position is very unique "Camera Phone" - Phone takes a selfie photo. This position not only struck the psychology of the target customers of OPPO (young people from 16 to 22) with regular "selfie" photography habits, but also be

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