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Online Field Trip DB Forum 3


Online Field Trip DB Forum 3

Online Trip 1: U.S. Department of Education (Accountability) URL:

The first impression of the website is that it deals student financial issues including loans and grants. Generally, the website has easy navigation that makes information regarding accountability of student financial aid easily accessible. The website has many links to navigate to other sections of the website regarding loans and grants including law, guidance and statistical information. Visiting other pages of the website from the url shows that the website loads quickly and normally. What is more, the information can be shared and printed right from the website.

In terms of the accountability of financial services, a quick evaluation of the content shows that information is precise and straight to the point. The information provided through the webpage emphasizes accountability that is demonstrated by sharing information with all stakeholders including parents and communities (“Accountability”, 2017). This way, the U.S. Department of Education must be very keen on accountability when it comes to financial aid and assistance of students from all backgrounds. This can be illustrated by the department’s clarity when providing information concerning accountability. To back this up, the first statement of the department’s stance on accountability begins by outlining that no student should be discriminated in education.

Online Trip 2:  Teacher Evaluation, Accountability, and Support: Lessons from Leading Efforts  URL:

The webpage is clearly organized and concise when giving information regarding what the entire website is all about. Additionally, it does not contain many links apart from the very relevant links provided through the top menu. On the other hand, even a person with little knowledge on reviewing websites can get information being given through webpage. For instance, scrolling down the website shows you that the webpage is providing a glance at a past event before embarking on the forthcoming event that can be booked through the same webpage. For this reason, one can go through the information in the webpage and decide to register for the next event or decide to register later without difficulties. Moreover, timelines are provided in the same webpage making it brief but very comprehensive in putting the desired message across.

In the past event, held on Tue Mar 22, 2011, the webpage shows that such events are arranged to inspire teachers to practice accountability and support. The event was moderated by the organizations, Executive Director, Education & Society Program, The Aspen Institute, Ross Wiener (“Teacher Evaluation, Accountability, and Support: Lessons from Leading Efforts – The Aspen Institute”, 2017). This gives the webpage visitor that Aspen Institute organizes conferences with featured speakers to motivate attendants. One can easily contact the website through contact information provided through the webpage including email and phone number. Furthermore, the information can be shared through social media making dissemination of the information easier and faster.

A review of the website shows that Aspen Institute has effective methods of communicating with the general public and its stakeholders. This can be demonstrated by the organization of the organization’s website starting with the webpage accessed through the trip url. However, the information provided through the webpage targets the District of Columbia Public Schools. This is a typical contemporary organization that targets a specific region without locking the general public. All in all, the information is concise and clear.


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