Objections to Romanticism Essay

Objections to Romanticism Essay

Objections to Romanticism Essay

1. What argument does Marinetti, the Italian leader of Futurism, use to defend and glorify war?

2.  A new age of Italian national grandeur (and a New World Order) would come out of what new values? Which values are given priority?

3. Who would be led by the new revolution, and who would lead them?

4. What were the Futurists’ objections to Romanticism?

5. Why did Futurism want to destroy the images and memory of Italy’s glorious classical antiquity?

6. What was the fascination of Futurism for technological innovation and Mechanical Beauty? What was the central symbol of these concepts?

7. What characteristics did Mussolini and the Fascists exhibit that made them the embodiment of the New Order for the Futurists?

8. What did Marinetti mean by the phrase “words-in-freedom,” and how was the concept expressed graphically and linguistically in Futurist art?

9. What technique did Marinetti use to incite his theater audiences to violence and chaos as part of his Futurist Synthetic Theater performances?

10. In his “Futurist Political Programme” Marinetti called for the abolition of what historical Italian institutions? What would replace them?

11. Critical thinking.  Summarize the author’s argument/theme concisely and evaluate its success.

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