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Obesity Education Annonated Bibliography

Obesity Education Annonated Bibliography

An Annotated Bibliography; The Solution to Obesity is Education

Devaux, Marion, Franco Sassi, Jody Church, Michele Cecchini and Francesca Borgonovi.  "Exploring the Relationship between Education and Obesity." OECD Journal: Economic Studies, vol. 1, 2011: pp. 121-159.

In this article, Devaux et al. examines the relationship between education and obesity. According to the authors, the rates of obesity and overweight have increased tremendously in both the developed and developing countries. Of this estimation is that more than 300 million individuals across the globe are considered to be clinically obese, while more than one billion adults are overweight. This increased statistic has sensitized most scholars to explore additional and extensive research in order to come up with a perfect solution. Apparently, the current evidence concerning the link between the level of education and obesity is limited, especially due to the fact that most researchers have largely focused on identifying the relationship between obesity and other factors such as social economic, longevity, and health status (Devaux et al. 122).

The evidence from this article will help me to make my argument stronger. Devaux et al. provides great thinking especially by stating that individual with more years of schooling are more likely to embrace body exercise and seek preventive care options such as pap smear, mammograms, flu shots and vaccines. In addition, educated individuals are less likely to use illegal drugs, smoke or drink a lot. The information presented in this source is very valid, especially due to the fact that the source is a peer reviewed journal, which is very re

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