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Essay on Nursing Stewardship Christianity Paper

Essay on Nursing Stewardship Christianity Paper


Nursing Stewardship Christianity Paper

Within nursing profession, stewardship has evolved as a crucial issue of nurse leadership. In the book of Genesis, the Almighty God chooses humans as the stewards of all creation.  In addition, the story of Joseph the son of Jacob, who was sold by his brothers in Egypt and became a steward of Potiphar. In this respect, the Bible expresses stewards as selfless servants who administered properties and ensured proper utilization as well as developed plans and appropriate interventions (Buppert, 2008). [JS1] In nursing, the leadership capacity of stewardship needs a fresh method of health care delivery. Becoming a successful nurse requires caring, skills and the compassion. Moreover, nurses need to focus on the ever-changing character of a patient (Elgi, 2007). With emerging of new responsibilities in the profession, partnership with nursing research will be essential to establish a mechanism of assessment and evaluation. Nursing is unlike medicine where medical diagnostics are properly defined, but look for patterns because it is holistic and both intuitive and artful (Buppert, 2008).

Nurse Stewards have the capacity to create crucial change in nursing practice due to their potential to perform under character qualities such as courage and self-discipline. In addition, they are able to participate in practical reasoning where inherent goodness and value of a circumstance is promoted and preserved. Nurse leaders who utilize stewardship in their career can help other nurses develop the practice of being present to patients as they attempt to end suffering, illness and disease experiences (Elgi, 2007). However, nurses in most cases participate in instrumental reasoning or using general principles to guide their responses to clients on medical conditions. In producing witnesses, nurses should work upon their moral agency in linking the particularities of an individual’s lived experience. In order to practice bearing witness, some nurses require changing the epistemology of their experience from using general principles, or instrumental reasoning combining a virtue of practical reasoning (Buppert, 2008). [JS2] In promoting and preserving the capacity of nurses to respond to patients with sensitivity, both practicing nurses and nurse stewards may facilitate the emergence of quality environment in health care.

Being available to clients, the nurse should appropriately understand the moral character of the experiences of others or interpret the kind of situation another person is in to choose principles and values to act upon (Buppert, 2008). Future nurse stewards are directly involved in working with nurse practitioners aiming to change the environment where they work. In this regard, they transform their working environment to become more engaged, healthy and positive (Elgi, 2007). Nursing stewardship involves accreditation and regulatory aspects of the profession. Additionally, nursing stewards collaborate with regulatory boards to enhance the standards of practice and certification, which support the nurses in health care delivery. Nurses should apply stewardship just like land stewards.

The latter cares for the land in a manner that it improves and maintains it. In this regard, nurses should apply stewardship to care for the patients in a way that improve their health (Elgi, 2007). Furthermore, nurse stewards may contribute to nurses’ transformation in the epistemology of practice by utilizing the concept of inquiry in hospital units. Therefore, nurses may cognitively and emotionally appraise their experiences in nursing with one another (Buppert, 2008). For successful nurses stewardship, it is required to combine the art of wifery and husbandry. Nurses should concentrate on the stewardship of health utilizing their hard and soft nursing skills (Elgi, 2007). [JS3] 


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