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The Nursing Process: N 255 weeks 3-4

The Nursing Process: N 255 weeks 3-4

Evidence-based Practice (California State University Chico)

N 255 weeks 3-4

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  1. List and discuss the components of the nursing process system and the ANA Standards of Nursing
  2. Compare and contrast medical diagnosis and nursing
  3. List and define the steps of the nursing diagnostic process.
  4. Describe the steps of data analysis and diagnostic reasoning.
  5. Demonstrate ability to identify client needs from assessment data.
  6. Develop a problem list from a case study
  7. Demonstrate the ability to correctly write a nursing diagnostic statement for an “at risk”, potential and actual client
  8. Demonstrate the ability to prioritize a list of nursing
  9. Describe goal
  10. Differentiate between goals of care and expected
  11. List seven factors to consider when writing goals and outcomes.
  12. Describe 3 categories of nursing
  13. Describe types of nursing care plans, their advantages and
  14. Discuss the evaluation of nursing

Nursing process

  • a way to organize and deliver care that’s appropriate
  • problem solving using scientific method combined with art of nursing systems theory
  1. Assessment
  2. Diagnosis
  3. Outcome identification
  4. Planning
  5. Implementation
  6. Evaluation

ANA standards of nursing practice Function of nursing

  • diagnosis and treatment of human responses to actual or potential health

problems (physical, psychosocial, spiritual)

  • treatment of a disease is a dependent function of nursing


Breakdown of the nursing process

Assessment: evaluates the patient’s condition

  1. collects and verifies data from primary source (patient)
  2. collects and verifies data from the secondary source (relative, friend, health professional, )
  3. purpose is to establish a database of subjective/objective data
    1. subjective: patient perspective, what they tell you
    2. “I feel (…)”, “I have pain”.
    3. objective: observations/measurements you make
    4. Vital signs, diaphoresis, heart sounds<

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