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Night Riots with The Gallery and Curt Owen Essay

Night Riots with The Gallery and Curt Owen Essay

Night Riots with The Gallery and Curt Owen


The rock and pop concert began as scheduled on Thursday the 5th December, 2013 at approximately 7.30 in the evening. There was limited standing space in the concert room such that most in attendance had to contend with watching the show standing. The House of Blues situated in San Diego’s 1055 Fifth Avenue in the State of California was the place to be for all the Night Riots with The Gallery and Curt Owen fans. With this show having been labeled as a general exhibition show was well attended by youthful people, a number of middle aged folks and a few teenagers. It was also quite interesting to see the older people really enjoying the show with all the younger people rocking hard all around them.

The headlining artists for this concert were the Night Riots as they began their musical tour in the company of the Gallery, a band scheduled to accompany the Night Riots for the rest of their tour. Curt Owen, a gifted American songwriter and singer was also in attendance to curtain raise the show for the Night Riots. Being a California native, he was bound to make the people in attendance at the San Diego go wild once he walked onto the stage. The Night Riots as well as The Gallery are also musical groups based in the state of California.

Curt Owen

Curt Owen opened the Night Riots and the Gallery concert with his sweet and mellow acoustic music which many of his fans point out as, having an organic feeling to it. Dressed in a jeans jacket, t-shirt and tight jeans he got to the stage with his trade mark acoustic guitar at approximately 7.45pm. The crowd really seemed to enjoy his songs but the track titled make it through, really made the crowd get into a concert mood ahead of performances by the Gallery and the Night Riots.

The Gallery

The Gallery, a musical group formed way back in the 70’s also performed at the venue with many of the youthful people being at awe at the 70’s decade of rock and roll and pop music. It was amazing to see this matured band slowly get the crowds into a mild frenzy. This got many young people understand as to why there were a number of hippie adults at the show well aged over fifty years old. They performed some of their famous songs which included soft rock tracks like Nice to be with you and Big City Miss Ruth Ann which the band performed to the delight of the diverse audience. They played soft rock with extra smooth vocals and acoustic guitars playing over the electronic guitars blending well with a beautifully rocked drum set. At the end of their performance, they were given a warm and loud applause as they bowed for their audience. It was truly surreal to experience a 70’s soft rock band in the new millennium in a presentation which many had the opinion that their performance had so much soul.

The Night Riots

The Night Riots did not make it to the stage until quarter to 10 O’clock Thursday night to the rapturous uproar of their audience rich in cultural diversity. The began the show with their newly released track titled, Remedy, making some in the audience feel that they were the medicine they had been waiting for since the concert was announced. Ladies screamed at the top of their lungs as the lead singer, Travis Hawley let his trademark vocals get amplified all around the concert room. On the guitars were band members’ Nick Fotinakes and Matt DePauw whose electric guitar prowess really got the crowd quite excited. Rico Rodriguez was on the drum sets while Mikel Van Kraneberg was on the bass guitar through out the groups performance.

The similarity of Travis Hawley’s vocals to those of Bono from the phenomenal band U2 was astonishing in their entire live performance as they churned out tracks from their 2013 EP titled Young Lore, released on the 30th of July this year. The album had been in the pipelines for nearly eight months, seeing through the production of numerous songs though only a few of them made it into the final EP. The band also captivated the crowds in attendance at the show organized by the House of blues Entertainment Company by playing their newest single titled, Remedy. This mellow track sort of caught on with the crowd as the electronic guitar accompaniments blended in well with Travis Hawley’s vocals as the drums set in with a quick tempo 5that made the fans really hop on their feet.


The rock and roll played in this show was both mellow and surreal given the perfect lighting experience accompanied with the perfected works of the House of blues Entertainment Company’s sound engineers. The show ended at about 11pm at night as the stage bid goodnight to their satisfied audience. The Night Riots promised other shows as they tour the US this holiday season in the company of The Gallery and Curt Owen.