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New Teachers DB-Forum Modules


DB-Forum 1 Module 1

As a newly-hired teacher, I would choose the first chapter of Nilson’s Teaching at Its Best. In chapter one Nilson (2010) talks about how not all students are a like and how the successful teacher must make sure to suit his. Nilson calls attention to that in spite of learning contrasts and learning inclinations, most undergrads learn best through an organized setting. The data is introduced a few times through different strategies. The idea of our students their scholarly readiness, goals, and psychological improvement influences our decisions of what and how to teach. Organized settings enable the student to apply what he definitely thinks about the subject. Nilson (2010) reflects upon the learning to cement understanding. Most importantly, the author takes note of that the best teacher perceives the students’ beginning stage (Nilson, 2010).

Chapter one of the book talks about contrasts in students in view of their age. The part gives pointers for working with students. In that regard, teachers should portray eagerness and enthusiasm for your subject and for showing it, as these are infectious feelings. If things do not fall into place, the teacher should figure out how to utilize his/her voice and body to pass on them. Nilson (2010) devotes the chapter to talking about results focused course outline. By that, the author examines how to outlining a course like one could build a model of a human body. In this chapter, Nilson (2010) indicates that students understand things when they are inspired to do as such by the motivation and excitement of other individuals in their lives. One needs the bones first before he can include the muscles and skin. The bones of the course incorporate things, for example, the learning results. The author takes note of that one must have the results settled on before making singular assignments.

DB Forum 2 Module 2

My reaction to the Skill Finder exercise was mixed. As I answered each question, I found myself second-guessing the answers. I was surprised to find the issues determined by the index. Truly, that led to a bit of excitement in the hopes of alleviating what I perceive as areas of weakness. When I reviewed those elements again, I knew the answers were accurate, and the issues were honest. I questioned whether they were “right” or “wrong” and then reminded myself that if they were honest, they would be most helpful there were no “wrong” answers.  One of the more fascinating aspects of that material was the dark triad as opposed to the three types of empathy.  Kanar (2014) explores methods of creative thought. This involves framing the problem, gather information, relax, and execute.  These same creative thought processes can lead to success in education when the task for which a grade is designed is conserved the problem. 

An article about dealing with students’ classroom issues caught my attention. Using information about other’s emotions to guide one’s own can be key in alleviating stress for a learner. This is important in building confidence as a student (Kanar, 2014).  The many limitations of the study do not preclude the validity of the relationships. The ability to perceive what is desired will enhance one’s ability to provide it. The more skills brought to the classroom, the greater likelihood the student will excel.  While not always accurate predictor, the skills addressed in the index led this student to some greater insights. This will hopefully make his/her a better learner. Therefore, the Skill Finder exercise with its multiplicity of questions and its multiple choice answers allows for greater insights into a broader arena of aspects. 

DB Forum 3 Module 5

The website Teachers College Record ( contains a collection of very useful information. The information in the website is directly relevant to not only college educators but also all teachers. Moreover, the information is sorted in many categories that enable visitors to navigate easily to the links that interest them. Additionally, the website is designed in such a manner that visitors can navigate smoothly when searching for particular resources. To enhance, diversity of the content in the website, there are videos that also provide information that can be helpful to teachers. Interestingly, the home page of the website has few images to accommodate many links to contents in the website.

An article titled The Centrality of Language in Defining Career Outcomes in Graduate Education caught my attention. This article by Francisco Ramos and Lillian Zwemer emphasizes the essence of language in learners’ career ambitions. Ramos and Zwemer indicate that language is a subjective phenomenon that shapes how individuals comprehend and see their general surroundings. Inside this specific situation, language fills in as a questioner between how graduate understudies decipher their future expert substances. The authors encourage chairmen, researchers, and policymakers alike to take part in genuine and open talk of the implied objectives of doctoral preparing. This is in light of the present reality of vocation results. This procedure starts by grasping the substances of our postgraduates and establishing our meanings of profession results (Ramos & Zwemer, 2017). It must be dynamic and collective amongst staff and administrators. This will enable all parties to comprehend and react to the requirements and estimations of others to accomplish a cooperative co-advancement.

DB Forum 4 Module 8

The website for University of Hawaii Honolulu Community College website ( contains resourceful information for prospective educators. The website has easy navigation properties. Visitors can access content by searching the contents in the websites as well as through navigation menu. From a quick glance at the website, one can determine the website is created for multiple purposes including essential activities such as checking class availability. There are many assessment resources including accreditation and career assessment.

Career assessment offered by the university involves evaluating both general and individualized assessment. The university has career counselors to offer personalized assistance when it comes to assessing its students’ career paths. As indicated in the career assessment section of the website, the results of a career assessment exercise are released upon the completion of the exercise (“Career Assessments | Honolulu Community College”, 2017). This is very important for a student who wants to gauge their competency. What is more, the process can be done severally to ensure that students are fully aware of their skills and abilities prior to pursuing their desired careers. Moreover, with assistance from personalized career counselors, students can improve their skills while pursuing their studies. This is consolidated by the fact that the process starts as early as the time when a student is enrolled into the university. In that regard, this highlights the essence of the career assessment programs offered by higher learning institutions.


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