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Neural Stem Cells Essay

Neural Stem Cells: Generating and Regenerating the Brain
Over the years, researches on neuroscience about the establishment of neural stem cells as a source of neurons and gilia have been done. In the beginning it stated that the nervous system lacked generative power but with the reprogramming technology it shows that the stem cells afford the plasticity to generate repairs and change nervous system function. Through advances the elemental neurobiology neutral stem cells are the central discussion of how the brain forms. In this perspective review in NSC research in the last 25 years is highlighted. Major events and discoveries that is of most important contribution to this field is majored (Fred & Sally 558). These are the concept of adult neurogenesis and stem cells in the adult brain, recent development of methodologies for reprogramming, induced stem cells(iPSCs) and outlining NSC based approaches for the treatment of diseases.
Early halcyon days for the studies on the development of the nervous system, the existence of progenitor cells for neurons and gilia was questionable. The stem cells were not considered as a part of brain development but

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