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Negligence Case Analysis of “Niles v. City of San Rafael”

Negligence Case Analysis of “Niles v. City of San Rafael”


Paper Instructions

Choose only ONE case about a topic that you find most interesting.

Summarize and analyze the case, making sure to include the following components: (Use the underlined phrases as headings for each of the required components)

1) A title page

2) A detailed summary of the incident leading to the lawsuit – describe what happened.

3) The names and roles of the legal parties involved (who are the defendant(s)?, litigants?, etc.)

4) A summary of the legal outcome of the case – who was found liable? Were there any penalties imposed? etc.

5) A Description of each of the Elements of Negligence involved in the case. Address each element listed, define what it is, and indicate how it applies or does not apply to your specific case:

Duty to care
Breach of duty
6) Professional Analysis – Your analysis of the relevance of the issues raised to your own professional practice. Explain how the defendant(s) failed to act within their Scope of Practice (include any personal experiences that relate to this type of negligence).

7) APA formatted references – At least two (2) references (complete and in APA format); your references must include the case itself (results of your research on WestLaw and/or Google Scholar), and at least one other source such as your textbook and/or journal articles, etc.

In-text citations must be included for all sections with the exception of your personal analysis (section 7). These must be in APA format.
Using Google Scholar: (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) type in the name of the case in the Search bar, Select the “Case Law” option under the search bar, then click on the search symbol. The Case Summary will usually be the first citation listed on the search results page.
If your Unicheck score is >30%, you will need to revise your essay and resubmit it with a score <30%, before the deadline. You will have the opportunity to revise and resubmit your paper multiple times, up until the deadline. Only the last attempt will be graded.
If you have a question about your Unicheck results, or if only your reference section, titles and headings are highlighted, and your scores is still higher that 30%, you should check with the instructor before rewriting and resubmitting your paper.
Essays submitted with scores >20% may have an impact your grade. Essays with scores >50% will not be accepted and will result in a score of zero.