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Napoleonic Warfare Essay

Napoleonic Warfare


Napoleon was a great military strategist and tactician of his time. His work formed the basis of military education throughout the western world and the great Frenchman influenced many military thinking. In this respect, most of European war generals utilized the methods of Napoleon to ensure massive success[1]. Furthermore, Napoleon was a great innovator as a soldier since he dominated art of warfare amongst the European powers between 1796 and 1815. In fact, he established himself as a great leader of soldiers during French Revolutionary Wars during the conquest of Toulon and his victory over Italy in 1796[2]. Furthermore, he succeeded in battles of Austerlitz, Ulm and Jena between 1805 and 1806.

In general, a lot of Napoleon’s campaigns were founded on logistics.  He was capable of sustaining his army because of his planning and executing ability. His armies were the largest in the history of Western Europe[3]. Therefore, he used innovative strategies in order to supply his armies. In this regard, he used insistence on spreading out and foraging to supplement his depots[4]. In addition, his military campaign was aimed at achieving his strategic objectives. That is why he focused on bringing the enemy to a battle.

Moreover, Napoleon used two of his favorite strategies to crash his opponents. First, he used strategy of indirect approach when his army had adequate soldiers and maneuvering space[5]. The strategy encompasses massive turning movement in front of the enemy. Actually, one or t

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