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Mortality death Essay

Human awareness of their restricted existence, and the fact that they must at one time perish, has a significant effect on their behavior, feeling, and thoughts. The emotional suffering and fear linked with anticipation of death are quite hurting that they strive to protect themselves from death (Becker 3). Persons face challenges to endure encountering their mortality openly; hence, they suppress the complete consciousness of dying and death (Varki 684). Subsequently, it contributes to the rejection of death and they inhibit the death-linked beliefs.

What actions do they take to defy death?

People tend to defy death by change their behavioral reaction and raise their reliance on certain defense processes in case their death salience is triggered. Moreover, when the anxiety of death is triggered, persons are likely to become progressively defiant in the manners that are detrimental to themselves and others (Becker 9). Although in the beginning people react positively by accepting life more completely, a

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