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Essay on Monet and Cézanne


In the modern society, the 20th century has not only created new beginnings in the economic, social and political sectors, but also in the art's sector. The mode of representing images through painting have evolved enhancing the way the art's sector was being undertaken using traditional concepts and ideas in the effort of representing the modern world. However, various revolutionary artists have been involved in developing the art industry at least to update the sector with the changing technology. For example, Monet, one of the great leaders of the impressionism movement in France, researched on the effects that the outdoor light had on the nature and created an animated appearance on his canvas[1]. Most of the traditional arts were dominated by texts, anecdotes, ideas, stories among others that are currently outdated. This paper pays great attention to the differences and similarities impressionism styles that Monet and Cezanne adopted in representing the nature.

Differences between the work of Monet and Cezanne

Monet style of representing his subjects is not very precise as compared with the style that Cezanne used. For example, Monet technique of creating animated effects on his canvas using outdoor light is not much precise though it clearly displays what the object is. Most of the images that Monet painted were more efficient when someone looks at them while at a distance. On the other hand, Cézanne’s style of displaying his objects shows the cont

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