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Mobile phones   Persuasive Essay Prompt      

ENG 145                 Persuasive Essay Prompt          

Dr. Chrysavgi Papagianni


Students research, plan and write a persuasive essay on a topic from a list shared by the instructor. 

  • Your Persuasive Essay will be about social, health, environmental or other issues caused by a commodity in the present.
  • Your essay must inform and persuade, using ethos, pathos and/or logos, your readers  about solutions to the problem (i.e to stop supporting the commodity …).

Topics (revised list)

  1. Mobile phones
  2. Oil
  3. Rhino Horn
  4. Cosmetics
  5. Tea
  6. Cocoa
  7. Refugees
  8. Children workers
  9. Space
  10. The past /tradition
  11. Our digital Self

**** Try to choose a non cliché topic such as the ones below to avoid writing a high school essay and reach the academic standards described in the zu grading rubric

In case you want to choose another topic you need to explain the reasons you are passionate about this other topic. Remember, you need to get approval for another topic.

WEIGHTING: 30% of your final grade

ORGANIZATION: Your essay should consist of one introductory paragraph, at least 2-3 body paragraphs and a concluding paragraph. You will write 2-3 body paragraphs about these areas—one body paragraph for each impact. You can discuss the solution/s either in the end of each paragraph or in a separate paragraph before the conclusion.

 LENGTH: The essay should be 1000-1200 words (not counting title page and references)

and all sources properly cited.

GRADING: All students’ essays will be graded using the 145 Essay Rubric

DUE DATE:  Week 13

Format;                    Your paper should be formatted following the rules of APA. For support on how to format your MS Word document, please check

Sources & Citation; Your paper should use at least 4 reliable sources.  One of them nees to be an academic source (journal article, book chapter etc) from the zu library or from google scholar.  These sources should be cited in-text in correct APA format and should be included in your references list, which should also be formatted following APA rules.

Academic honesty

 and plagiarism;      You may include direct quotes  2-3 in your paper.

                                 However, you should generally summarize and paraphrase your sources when you include information from them. All information from sources (quoted or paraphrased) should be clearly cited in-text following APA.

                                 All writing in your paper must be your own. If you are having problems in writing your paper or need support, please make an appointment at AL WAHA or see your instructor for help.  If you have had help from another writer or if your work has been written by another writer, it cannot be graded as your work and you will receive a 0% grade for the assignment.

Learning Outcomes:
Practice self-directed learning and use of the writing process (use of sources, organization of text, sentence structure, vocabulary, and understanding of audience, purpose and context).
Critically examine evidence from visual and written sources, and identify/analyze rhetorical modes, persuasive appeals and language with an understanding of how and ethos, pathos and logos are used.
Recognize and produce coherent and cohesive sentences, paragraphs and an essay, and use appropriate vocabulary and tone.
Demonstrate academic integrity through appropriate use of quotation, paraphrase and citation.
Identify and paraphrase content appropriate and relevant to the assigned task.

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