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Essay on Minors Social Media usage

Essay on Minors Social Media usage

Minors Using Social Media


Though technology has greatly influenced the communication sector, the aspect of minors using social media has been on the rise, and this is risky especially due to the fact that this population can be negatively influenced.

The use of social media has greatly helped youths, especially those with complex communication challenges to overcome this problem by increasing their communication opportunities and abilities (Wood et al., 2014). They manage to gain social participation skills, to such an extent that they manage to concisely expressed themselves and relate effectively with those around them. Despite this, the use of social media among minors is not healthy, especially due to the fact that they tend to be at risk of being exposed to unethical practices such as cyberbullying (Weiss, 2014). This unethical practices may negatively affect the self-esteem of minors or sensitize them to adopt unhealthy behaviors such as drug abuse and uncontrolled sexual behaviors. To a large extent, young girls tend to be at a higher risk of being sexually harassed through these platforms by the increased number of male predators, and since they are innocent, they are easily likely to give in to these advances. This is on

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