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Minecraft assignment help

Minecraft assignment help


Minecraft is one of the most common and favorite games played around the world. The game which involves breaking and placing blocks in a three dimension form (3D) was created by Markus Persson a well-known Swedish programmer on November 19th 2011.

The game is published under Mojang AB a company in Sweden and it is categorized under sandbox and survival genre. Minecraft was awarded five awards at the Game Developers Conference, this awards were; Best Debut Game, Best Downloadable Game, Innovation award, the Audience award.  

 Besides placing and breaking blocks, the player also gets to explore, gather resources and combating. The game is staged at different zones from jungle, snowfields to deserts. Throughout the game the player encounters animals and people of which some are hostile. Minecraft is played in different versions which were released on different days.

We have the pc version known as Alpha. It was released May 17th 2009. Besides the alpha version there is also an android version and iOS version. The game is also available in Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox one and PlayStation Vita. A version for the windows users is also available.

The game is also divided into four modes namely; survival mode, creative mode, adventure mode and spectator mode. 

In the survival mode, the player collects resources around him such as wood and stone. The resources are then used as materials to build certain required blocks. The player is required to build a shelter so as to keep him safe from monsters. The mode is fixed with two bars, the health bar and the hunger bar. When the hunger bar gets to its maximum this will affect the health of the player hence it depletes. 

In the creative mode, the player can access all resources in the game via the inventory menu. Players with flying capabilities are safe from hunger or any environmental damage like been attacked by hostile creatures. 

Adventure mode is slightly similar to the survival mode, the only difference is the introduction of few limitations which only applies to the game by the originator of the game map. This means that the player can obtain resources and experience adventures as per planned by the mapmaker. There is also a command block which helps the player the mapmaker interact with the player using certain server directions. 

Spectator mode allows the player to play without interacting and also fly around blocks.

Currently Minecraft is been played all over the world. This game is suitable for both kids and adults since it has lots of lesson.  We get to learn farming skills by owning a farm in the game and one is required to take great care of the animals.

By doing this we are learning real life skills. Minecraft builds creativity among kids as it requires creative minds to encounter the adventures. This helps kids stay organized in their day to day activities. By playing Minecraft we get to be more organized in our real lives, it teaches us on when to spend and when to spend thus improving our financial skills. Patience is also learnt from Minecraft.

As the player takes time assembling and building blocks we acquire patience. The spirit of team work is also achieved by playing Minecraft, through online plays, players’ team up to achieve the goals and this in return helps us build the pride in cooperation with others. During the encounter with hostile villagers, we get to learn how to deal with the bad people in our societies. I personally conclude that this game is the most suitable for kids since it equips him or her the better skills in life.

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