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Essay on Microsoft Windows operating system

Essay on Microsoft Windows operating system

Microsoft Windows operating system


In the present world, there are numerous technological inventions that have been developed. These inventions have greatly influenced numerous sectors including communication, security, transportation, health, industrial and agriculture. Currently, organizations manage to effectively engage with clients and other related firms across the globe with ease, and they can share data and critical information faster and at a lower cost. In addition, through these technological inventions, most organizations manage to compile and stored important data concerning various operations for decades, and this is a fundamental milestone especially due to the fact that an organization can access the stored data when need arises. However, though there are numerous operating systems that the management personnel of organizations that have embraced technology as part of their culture can use, the important aspect is ensuring that the information stored in the computers are safe from external parties and malwares. The basic step of ensuring that the operating system is secure is by installing and patching it, hardening and configuring it in order to extensively address its identified security needs, installing and configuring additional security controls such as the intrusion detection systems (IDS), host based firewalls, and anti-virus, and more importantly, regular testing and updating the security of the basic operating system. Moreover, various operating systems have unique features that may be similar and different from each other. This paper pays high attention to the comparison and contrasting of Microsoft and Linux operating systems in terms of design goals, memory, process, device, file, network, and security management.

Design goals

The Microsoft Windows operating system is hailed as one of the best in terms of being user-friendly and fast installation. Moreover, the design goals of this operating system has been changing as the Company has been frequently upgrading its operating system from the conventional windows XP operating system to windows 7, 8, 8.1 and the latest windows 10. For the conventional operating system, the design goals entailed facilitating multiple hardware platforms and architecture, providing a concise 32-bit, reentrant, preemptive, and virtual memory operating system as well as scaling and running on symmetric multiprocessing systems (Abraham, Peter & Greg 39-43). In addition, Microsoft`s design goals also focused on enhancing reliability, and a lot of this feature comes from the maturity in the source code, automatic detection of errors in drivers, as well as in-depth stress testing of the system. In addition, Microsoft operating system is also committed in ensuring high performance on various hardware that its installed in, including desktop systems, server systems, and large multiprocessor and multithreaded environments. Moreover, in order to enhance high performanc

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