(solution) MGT172 HW4 - hw4 - Essay Prowess

(solution) MGT172 HW4 – hw4

(solution) MGT172 HW4 – hw4

MGT172 HW4 - hw4

Business Project Management (University of California San Diego)

Introducing Scrum at P2P

  1. How would you assess P2P’s effort at introducing Scrum?

As far as I am concerned, Scrum does not work well in P2P’s IT after second sprint later even if it implements well in the first sprint. Admittedly, I would to say the cons Overperform pros quite a lot. There are some evidences of pros and cons listed below:


  • The product manager, named Isaac Smith in the midway forced the IT team to change majority of features they have done
  • Prem played the whole role to task master is also a mistake. The correct way should be the team members to solve all problems, not only
  • The other 3 planning meetings are more of a formality are a waste of
  • Prem and Isaac involved and intervened too much on this
  • The project delayed 12 weeks that were longer than planned At the same time, new features they completed were not satisfied with the customers well.
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