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Menopause Working Woman Essay

Menopause Working Woman Essay

Menopause and the Working Woman

Women in workplaces are suffering in silence from the effects of menopause. Anne Loehr wrote, “How Menopause silently affects 27 million Women at Work Every Day,” published in 2016 in the Fast Company (Loehr 1). The arguments contend that more than 20 percent of workers in the United States are women grappling with serious effects of menopause such as hot flashes, headaches, and insomnia. Loehr starts to develop her reasoning by delivering a personal account of her life, citing persuasive statistics and facts, and effectively utilizing emotional appeals. Additionally, at the end of the article, she offers possible solutions, which could be utilized to deal with the problem in both the workplaces and in the population (Loehr 1).

In her article, Loehr delivers the background of the problem by giving a comprehensive description of the way she learned of the problem in her life. For instance, she describes that she agonized due to constant fevers, lack of sleep and focus, and restlessness. After she decided to seek medication, she was diagnosed with early menopause (Loehr 1). Moreover, she highlights that millions of women are secret victims of this problem and even draws a comparison on how her colleagues encouraged her not to speak about it. Loehr continues by describing some of the reasons forcing women to avoid discussing menopause problems with their bosses and colleagues. In fact, they believe that by openly debating the problem, it may end up destroying their hiring prospects, reveal their ages, or stren

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