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Medical Informatics Essay

Medical Informatics


The Rhode Island Health Web Data Query Systems enables members of public, personnel from Rhode Island health department and community agencies as well as health professionals to access death data and youth risk behavior survey online. In addition, it helps to access the behavioral risk factors surveillance systems (Gjelsvik, & Monteiro, 2009). Through the data-driven policies and programs, the resource helps the community agencies and health professionals with crucial information (Grossmann, Powers, & McGinnis, 2011). This enables the improvement of the health of the Rhodes islanders.

Organizations in governance

The Rhode Island Assessment Initiative for Data Dissemination (RI AIDD) manages the RI Web-based Data Query System. The system helps to improve accessibility of data in the center for health data analysis in the department of health. More than 130 public health officers in Rhodes Islands have been trained to use the RI WDQS (Gjelsvik, & Monteiro, 2009). In addition, the system helps to promote the utilization of public health data in formulation of public policy (Grossmann, Powers, & McGinnis, 2011). The RI Assessment Initiative for data dissemination has developed a system to train community-based agencies.

Secondly, Center for Health Data and Analysis implements various programs via the RI WDQS death module. The institution supports, leads, and organizes the provision, acquisition and use of accurate, clear and adequate data and analyses (Gjelsvik, & Monteiro, 2009). The center ensures the collection of data from violent deaths originating from various sources to reduce violence causes of deaths.

Thirdly, the State of Rhode Island department of Health uses the RI WDQS Death Module to record deaths and the leading causes of deaths. Whenever it occurs, it registers deaths occurring in Rhode Island and Rhode Island residents (Grossmann, Powers, & McGinnis, 2011). The key information in the death modules are the causes of death and b

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