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Media Reporting Factors Essay

Media Reporting Factors Essay

Media Reporting Factors Essay

Factors That Shape What is reported in the Media

There are variety of reasons that determines what is reported in the media and a news story. All news offers facts in delivery of information but their organizations differentiate how the news is reported. Every journalist receives professional training and value but their decisions affect news production (Bucy, Erik, and Lance, 3). In this regard, they make decision on whether to cover an event or issue, from whom or where to source information and what to include or omit in the story. Moreover, they determine approaches to use while communicating information (Denton, Robert, Jim, and Robert, 23). Each of these decisions shapes a news story.

The decisions made by journalists are influenced by the context of specific news and listeners. Besides, production of news is performed under special legal, economic, political and geographical factors (Hammersley, 23). Therefore, because each journalist operates under different circumstances, news articles on similar issue are likely to be different. In addition, the differences in reporting news article usually show varying perspectives on the news. Furthermore, news reporting is determined by the point of view of the reporter (Bucy, Erik, and Lance, 3). In this regard, different reporters cover a similar issue or event depending on their way of understanding. Moreover, some news may receive coverage in one part of the world over the other because of the differences in context of events (Kuypers, 4).

The reporter’s central and important aspect of an issue determines how news is produced. For instance, an article can address the same issue but various journalists will cover them differently. Therefore, journalists will conduct interviews to certain people and ask them distinct questions, which reflect perspective focused on the issue (Denton, Robert, Jim, and Robert, 25).

It is crucial for journalist to analyze where the news were produced. For instance, in case of international news there is need to u

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