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Free Example Essay on Media Literacy

Free Example Essay on Media Literacy

Question 1

            Media literacy is the ability that one can access, analyse, evaluate as well as create media. The adults and youths can understand better the message sent through the media such as television, internet, books, music, newspapers, radio, and billboards among other channels. The literacy skills are included in educational standards such as social studies, health science and language arts (Macedo, 2007).  Media literacy is an effective way in which we can as well apply critical thinking skills to gain more information. Media literacy beliefs on the following aspects;

1. Media have social and political implications

            It believes that media convey or pass certain ideological message about the power, values and authority. Sometimes these messages are of unquestioned and unconscious biases, and they can simply influence on what the people believe or thinking. As a result, the media has great influence on forming social and political changes. For example, National TV can easily affect or influence the election of a leader on how she or he representation of world issues, image or how much the person appears in media (Adams & Hamm, 2006).

3. Media have commercial implications

Due to increased competition in the world of business, most of the companies use media as a channel to pass information on their new product so as to increase their profit realization. Therefore, a small number of individuals control what we read, see or hear from the media (Macedo, 2007).

4. Audiences negotiate meaning

Media literacy believes that the meaning of any media product is not producer, but through the collaboration between them and the audience suggesting that different audience can take a different meaning from the same product. Through  media literacy audience negotiation, different companies can understand how individuals factors such as gender, race, age and social status affect our media interpretation (Potter,

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