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Mechanisms of a Rape Culture Essay

Mechanisms of a Rape Culture Essay

Mechanisms of a rape culture


Women continue to suffer in silence because of rape while the society upholds its traditional mechanisms of promoting rape. The prevalent culture of women abuse has even made the victims of rape doubt whether rape hurts women. Currently, it is so easy for individuals to perpetuate the crime unlike before. The most significant institutions that are complacent with rape are the family setups, the government institutions, the health facilities, and even some women who are victims of the treacherous act. The institutions prefer to use either persuasion or secrecy to nurture the culture of rape. However, when lenient measures fail then, the perpetrators use coercion like beating up the victims of abuse or even killing them. The essay evaluates how the various institutions and techniques are promoting a culture of rape in the society.

Family set up

A  family is the basic unit of society, therefore; any challenge which the society faces including rape emanate from the family set up. Also, the family is the critical channel for promoting the cultural beliefs associated with different tribes. Some cultural beliefs are popular for undermining a woman dignity and denying women their fundamental rights. Nonetheless, some parents tend to exercise the cultural beliefs regardless, of how harmful they may be to their children. As seen in the poem by Patricia Lockwood the father upon learning of her daughter’s rape assumes the severity of the act and instead engages in a practice which he says will make her daughter all right. Such methods portray an element of ignorance on effective response to rape. Also, the failure of the father to consider reporting the ordeal to authorities or even help her daughter seek professional help shows how people prefer to keep rape a secret as if it was a taboo to discuss the incident. The family institution embraces the art of ignorance to enhance the rape culture at the grassroots level of the society. Also, the father tells her daughter that she is forgiven of her sins, the statement reflects an aspect of making the rape victim feel guilty, yet they were never responsible for the perpetrator's actions. Making s

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