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Church problems During Martin Luther Era

Church problems During Martin Luther Era



Churches are Religious centers, place of worship or places of worship that Christian set aside for worshipping their God. Virtues such as love, faith, grace and offering help to others are emphasized in order to glorify God (Lawler &Thomas P. 80). However, in most cases, these churches and their followers incorporate some injustices such as corruption, dishonesty, desire of earthly materials, and discrimination among others. These vices require religious leaders to intervene and condemn them in order to prevent God`s punishment. This paper pays high attention to the identification of various problems that faced churches at the era of martin Luther, as depicted by his points that he wrote in order to engage in a debate with his fellow theologians.

Martin Luther depicted the issue of corruption, indulgence and embezzlement of funds in the church. Some clergymen at his time used to sell their offices that they had been given by the church, and instead buy other sophisticated offices. These practices of the church leaders result to the misuse of church funds and lack of public trust that can lead to backsliding of most church followers. It also results to the resentments between the rich clergymen and the poor church members, which in the long run leads to division of the church (Luther pp. 29-38).

Martin Luther also felt that the churches had failed to understand the role of faith in religion. He argued that churches should not preach salvation to people rather than preaching the good work or ritual practices that those churches have achieved. Discrimination of some Christians was common in church, especially those incapable of raising funds for the indulgence. Martin Luther stressed that all Christians are equal before God, and thus every one of them should be welcomed and given an opportunity to express themselves and contribute in church`s decision making processes (Luther & Kurt P. 122).


It is, therefore, evident that the points that Martin Luther outlined for his debate with the other theologians were an illustration of the various issues which were evident in the churches. He highlighted issues such as corruption, discrimination, misuse of church funds, and desire of riches by the church leaders among others.

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