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Marks and Spencer Swot Analysis Essay

Marks and Spencer Swot Analysis Essay

Swot Analysis on Marks and Spencer


“Marks and Spencer is a well-respected player in the UK as well as global retail industry (Babalac 2013, p. 67)”. “For instance, at the close of the 20th Century, its senior management failed to incorporate technological developments into the operational strategies leading to an unprecedented decline in the company’s overall performance(Beaver 1999, p. 187)”. After a successful transformation on its organisational structure, it has made an impressive turnaround to regain good profitability trends and a rise in consumer confidence for its diverse range of retail products. This essay seeks to present an analysis of the organisation’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats a (SWOT analysis) for the year 2016.


“Marks and Spencer’s a well-established brand and offers vast product range, from baby care products and clothing; women’s fashion and accessories as well as goods which appeal to different consumer age groups and genders(Babalac2013, p. 67; Beaver 19

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