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Marketing Strategy Statement Essay

Marketing Strategy Statement Essay

Marketing Strategy Statement

Anna Ternheim is a Swedish songstress who began her career in music at the tender age of ten. She recorded her first song while in the iconic US city of Atlanta, Georgia. As such, Anna Ternheim is an accomplished musician whose musical exploit is not only well embraced in her home country of Sweden and in Europe but also in the US too (Annele, 2016). Her first album entitled Somebody Outside released in 2004 led the Grammy jury in her home country to award her with the best new artist trophy for 2004 (Annele, 2016). This paper aims at presenting a robust marketing strategy statement for this particular artist to further her personal mission, vision and goals towards raising her success in the global musical industry.

Marketing strategy statements are aimed at ensuring artists such as Anna get to accomplish all their identified business oriented goals (Schlegelmilch, 2016; Silverman, 2015). It is essentially aimed at conforming to exist

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