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Managing the Customer Experience Essay Example

Managing the Customer Experience Essay Example

Managing the Customer Experience


Compared to a couple of decades ago, the manner with which contemporary business entities has undergone radical transformation with some of these changes being industry disruptive. There are numerous reasons as to why this is the case but can be narrowed down to the fact that there is greater flow information amongst consumers (Dasu, & Richard, 2010). The current ease with which consumers are able to access credible information concerning goods and services available from different sources is amazing. The consumer is essentially spoiled for choice. Organizations have come to the comprehension that the consumer is the most critical factor to continued business development and surety towards ensuring operations remain as a going concern. The issue of customer satisfaction, changes in preferences and customer loyalty have redefined how firms perceive customers (Dasu, & Richard, 2010). In this paper, the aim is to assess what appertains customer experience management and customer-centric organizations with reference to the financial services firm, Zurich.

Evolution of Zurich into a Customer Centric Organization

Zurich, a renowned organization has its origins in the European continent, more specifically in Switzerland. It has been in operation for well over 100 years and to date, still seeks to keep ahead of competitors in a cutthroat global financial services industry (Anonymous, n.d.). As is with many firms operating on an international level where market share growth is pegged on customer perceptions, it has endeared to appease customers by offering diver

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