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Managing Project Failures Essay

Managing Project Failures Essay

Managing Project Failures


By the start of the 1990’s decade, large organizations in developed countries such as in the US had come to positively embrace the utilization of technology. Information technology was perceived as the best means with which to improve customer satisfaction, minimize on operating costs, enhance the efficiency of business process cycles and realize a competitive advantage over competitors (Kerzner 56). Providian Trust was one of the major American companies which sought to update its IT management systems so as to realize the above stated objectives. However, given the size of Providian trust, the project was massive and as such was faced with significant challenges. This paper seeks to discuss the Providian Trust IT project in relation to the ERP project at FoxMeyer Drug Company. The paper will also seek to offer advice to Walsh and LeBlanc on how the IT project could have been further enhanced. The paper will further outline lessons learned from the Providian Trust case and how these are applicable in the contemporary IT environment.

Lessons from F

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