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Managing Diverse Teams Essay

Managing Diverse Teams Essay

Managing diverse teams

  • Is managing a diverse team the most important skill for the IT industry?

According to Ibarra and Hansen (2011), the most important skill in business management where organizational culture values employee diversity is leadership. In this era of globalization, businesses embracing diversity are reaping huge benefits ranging from enhanced decision making and problem solving outcomes, high degrees of innovation and creativity, positioning them above homogeneous employee oriented organizations (Mullins, 2010 p. 54). Therefore, diversity has enabled and continues to offer organizations a greater propensity in their competitiveness in international markets.

However, managing diversity is a challenging task for managers and as such, managing diversity teams calls for leadership skills as the most important skill in ensuring optimal realization of organizational objectives  (CIPD Publishing, 2009); (Rubin, Dierdorff & Brown, 2010). These challenges include interpersonal communication among team members, difficulties among individual employees in understanding what is team diversity as well as organizational challenges. As organizations strive to compete for profitability in a globalized world, achieving diverse teams is now considered to contribute towards ensuring an organization has a business worth that is extremely high. It is common to find team members with varying personalities, works skills, gender bias, race, disability status, religious and sexual orientation and age (CMI, 2013).

In the Information Technology industry, diversity has been extensively embraced as organizations attempt to position themselves in the vast global market with lots of opportunities with which to enter diversified markets promising supernormal profits. As such, the IT industry relies heavily on creativity and innovation to achieve the above stated ends. The IT industry thus regards diverse teams highly and organizations embracing employee diversity tend to enjoy strong market penetration.

Managing diverse teams calls for managers to have strong leadership skills which allow managers to better carry out their obligations towards realizing organizational objectives.  Managers are tasked with organizing, planning, coordinating, directing and controlling internal and external organizational factors towards the attainment of set organiza

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