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Managing and Leading Change Essay

Managing and Leading Change Essay

Managing and Leading Change

There is a distinctive difference between managers’ efforts to achieve organizational change and outcomes realized from a purposeful leader. The narrative about managing and leading change at Beth Israel-Deaconess Medical Center, a teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School is one which against difficult odds, the leader in charge actually got it right (Garvin & Roberto, 2005). In most cases, managers tend to advance change agendas by overhauling an existing change strategy coupled with making a number of staff changes on the back of a new incentive scheme with the aim of eliminating purported inefficiencies. However, a change initiative is not as straightforward as many may desire since it involves managing a myriad of uncertainties. According to Garvin and Roberto (2005), employees are highly resistant to change and change agents need to employ tact akin to a political campaign in persuading them that the proposed plan is best for the company, the employees, and diverse group of stakeholders.

Gaining Acceptance as a Transformational Leader

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) located in Boston was on its deathbed witnessing massive financial losses each year. In 2002, Paul Levy, a professional with no hospital management expertise was selected as the person to transform the renowned hospital back into winning ways (Garvin & Roberto, 2005). A seasoned professional, Levy had worked successfully to ensure the multibillion dollar pollution control campaign at Boston Harbor achieved success. His experience working with the Harvard Medical School as the executive dean for administration also propped him up to successfully apply for the leadership role at BIDMC and get it (Garvin & Roberto, 2005). This history of success against insurmountable odds worked well to offer him the clout necessary to engage in transformative change to fix a firm in dire straits.


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