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Management Skills and Leadership Essay

Management Skills and Leadership Essay

Management Skills and Leadership

Response to Mark Rosengarten’s Post

Human beings and in this case, staff are inherently resistant to change initiatives commencing within an organization’s structure. Rosengarten correctly points out that such resistance often manifests in form of intrapersonal, interpersonal, intragroup and intergroup, or multi-party conflicts. Serrano (2011) advocates for effective strategies from the leadership towards engaging staff as stakeholders in any organizational situations such as, merging the two nursing units. The complexities involved and the reassignment of roles demands that staff be fully informed beforehand and motivated to openly offer inputs in an effort to undermine resistance. I agree with Rosengarten that the transformational leadership theory is the best consideration the CNO can adopt towards nurturing and sustaining leader-employee relationships that bring out desirable commitment levels to ensure the merged units quickly blend together and supports the institutions overall vision. As is evident from his prior professional experience, a selfish leader will rapidly create a work environment that results in very low productivity levels. This is detrimental to the assurance of quality care and safety to clients.

Response to Angela F. Taylor’s Post

In ensuring a successful merger involving the two different nursing units, Taylor suggests a leadership strategy theory that advocates for a charismatic leader. She goes on furt

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