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Management Ideas and Concepts Essay

Management Ideas and Concepts Essay

Management Ideas and Concepts in the Practice of Management

Theories of management in business incorporate business management philosophies, approaches and mental models. Each business organisation applies a business theory that the management views as both purposeful and more so conscious towards the realisation of business goals and objectives. This essay seeks to discuss how business theories lead to effective influences on the resolve of goals and objectives, the preferences in organisational structure, the options taken with regard to available policies, the development of organisational culture and the process through which businesses employ production techniques for the desired outcome. The theory of business adopted determines the operations of an organisation’s management. It is worthy noting that contemporary market conditions have effectively caused a lot of change in the manner with which management institute decision making processes and getting work done.

Groupthink in decision making

The groupthink theory has been widely studied with regard to decision making processes and outcomes in business organisations. Decision making processes that are time conscious and effective are the most significant requirements in each and every business management process. This implies that decisions made by an organisation’s management have to be made more quickly and instituted more effectively than those made by competitors. In the group thinking theory, there is a leader who is in most cases a manager. Members of a given group provide a pivotal role in enabling their managers make the appropriate decisions by providing them with vital information, analysis and suggestions necessary in the decision making process as well as implementing decisions arrived at unit activities levels. Managers depend heavily on the groups members ability to offer assistance on planning for an organisation’s future operations and more so the feedback necessary for the development of plans towards the optimisation on the execution of ongoing operations. Therefore, groupthink in the decision making process is critical t the methodology adopted by management in the operations planning process notably reliant on information available, analysis and suggestions also made available in a collaborative and cohesive group environment.

Groupthink has been attributed to a number of low quality decisions and more so defective processes in making decisions. Th

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