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Essay on Management and Leadership

Essay on Management and Leadership

Management and Leadership

Different labor markets tend to demand different personality types. Studies indicate a strong correlation occurring between these two attributes, personality traits and the labor markets as well as the outcomes that organizations realize thereof. The Big Five personality theory makes attempts at analyzing the influence that personality traits tend to have on employee performance (Nuevo-Chiquero et al., 2014). However, one the job performance is essentially a multidimensional construct to the effect that technical experts tend to exhibit different personality features in comparison to their counterparts in the finance sector. Like most other hiring processes, there are instances where the personality testing in relation to the outcomes do not match (Nuevo-Chiquero et al., 2014). This is especially the case where performances expectations among some members of staff are below expectation despite that their temperaments are right for the duties and responsibilities that they perform.

Decisions to Hire

At the AZY Construction Company, there are two main expert roles. These include the engineering team favored for its richness in technical expertise while the other is the finance department professionals regarded highly for their non-cognitive skill sets. The Big Five personality theory measures five

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