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Making Stupid People Famous Article Analysis

Making Stupid People Famous Article Analysis


Making Stupid People Famous

In his article, Making Stupid People Famous, John Henry seems to be trying to defend himself having received responses requiring him to stop making stupid people famous from items he shared on social media. While appearing apologetic, John wants to stick to his guns and claim that he was right in sharing information about people like Ted Nugent and Phil Robertson who had done things that made their societies see them as stupid.

In his argument, John maintains that he was right in talking about these people because even the media puts them in their shows or even promoting them. He contends that the acts of the media calling such people to their shows is much different from the act of him writing about them on social media. He seems disturbed by his acts also saying that it was his wish if he never wrote about the stupid, but concentrated on the only issues that matter in life. In a rather notorious tone though, he puts it that writers have bills too, probably insinuating that he did it for money.

In my opinion, people like John Henry should feel apologetic, and truly so. I don’t like the whole thing of making pervasive members of the society seem valuable and worth of emulation from the youths. Unfortunately this has been the case with most of our media. They believe that any article that does not contain negative content is not good. They believe that an advert will be catchy only if there is a woman wearing revealing clothes.

News in newspapers are majorly news of the number of people that terrorists have killed and at times bizarre pictures of the victims. This makes the terrorist the winner and his business is advertised at no cost while a noble businessman is blocked from advertising due to lack of money. Surely, this trend must change.

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