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Literature Review on leading the Change Essay

Literature Review on leading the Change Essay

Literature Review on leading the Change


Change is inevitable in the modern world. It is usually a multi-step process necessitated by technological change, expanding market opportunities and growth in international economics and is driven by strong leaders and excellent management. The process involves 8 steps including creation of a sense of urgency, create a guide, establish a strategy and vision, good communication on the new vision, broad-base action, and establish short run goals, consolidation, anchor new techniques in the culture (Spiro, 2011, p. 27). Leading change requires that the leader to focus on the future, be innovative, create cooperation in the team and ensure there is willingness to sacrifice.

Literature review

  1. Team work

Team work is the most important aspect of leading change. A coalition should be formed that shares a vision, is well motivated, and with right mix of committed members who trust each other (Spiro, 2011, p. 27). The team is led by a visionary leader who embraces team work, expertise, common goal and trust. Seventy eight percent of people in management embrace change and teamwork but few of them are effective leaders. Communication barriers between management and lower ranking employees should be removed to facilit

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