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Legalization of Narcotics Drugs


Legalization of Narcotics Drugs

            Due to current trends in the modern society, some of the illegal vices have been out looked. Toleration of drugs and drug abuse has not been given a keen attention, yet it contributes to self-destructive behavior due to the crimes that come along with drug abuse. Legalization of drugs has been associated with increased substance addiction that affects the minors in the society. The minority group is quickly dragged into drug addiction. Hence, its legalization is likely to bring about self-destructive aspects that affect their personal development processes (Husak & Marneffe, 2010).

            Legalization of narcotics can help improve the economy of a state. Some of the illegal drugs are highly on demand by some wealthy cartels who uses them illegally. As a result, they often order the drugs are good prizes because few people have ventured into the business. Legalization of the drugs could hence increase a state’s economy especially if they are imported (Kopp, 2003).

            There exist different classes of drugs. Foreign toxicologists and chemists have defined new techniques that have been used in forensic science to analyze different types of drugs in suspected criminals one technique uses DNA profiling to determine the high content of drugs that affects the genetic component of the body. Other methods include the screening of bloodstain standards from suspects to identify low content drugs because they are directly absorbed into the bloodstream. According to Kopp (2003) some chemists have also been using Polymerase Chain Reaction to identify suspected illegal drugs. This technique is useful when testing for addictive drug substances such as the depressants and hallucinogen. The Crime Lab has hence been a good platform for organizations that wish to test their employee’s crimes by conducting a forensic study to control legalization of drugs such as heroin, cocaine, and marijuana.


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