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Decriminalization or Legalization of Marijuana in Australia essay

Decriminalization or Legalization of Marijuana in Australia essay

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Decriminalization or Legalization of Marijuana in Australia


Medical Marijuana

Scientifically, marijuana has medicinal properties that can be used to better the health of Australian citizens. THC in marijuana significantly slows Alzheimer and prevents epileptic seizures among relieving other conditions (Spithoff et al., 2015). Since other medications have not provided enough relief, then maybe medical marijuana will be the best option. Besides, some other drugs like opiates that are usually prescribed to people with chronic pain or cancer are more addictive than marijuana. In this context, marijuana’s side effects are relatively friendly compared to that of many other drugs that are prescribed for many conditions. The Australian Drug Foundation supports the research that medical marijuana relieves some of the severe conditions such as neurological disorders and terminal illnesses. In this case, legalisation of marijuana will give room for the treatment of various diseases using medical marijuana.

Reduction of the Prison Population

Decriminalizing marijuana is a good step towards reducing the number of people in Australian prisons. Since the 1970s, millions of people have been arrested due to violation of marijuana laws. However, over 80 % of the reported arrests are associated with minor possession charges (Cobb-Clark et al., 2015). As a result, Australian prisons have been overcrowded by victims of minor crimes related to marijuana. Decriminalizing marijuana will mean that the crimes related to marijuana usage will be reduced significantly. As a result, this will be a useful measure of reducing the prison population.

Reducing Harms

The drug strategy in Australia is entirely focused on reducing related harms. In this perspective, any underlying drug policy in the nation should have a reduction of damage as the primary concern (Greens, 2017). Notably, some of the main harms linked with illicit drugs exist because those drugs are illegal by law. One of the main harms is entering into criminal records for owning drugs made for private use. This adversely influences on the future of a person, including travel and careers. In the case of cannabis, making it legal will reduce the harms that result due to its illegality as people will not get into the criminal records.

Cutting Government Expenditure

Legalizing marijuana will suggestively be an additional source of revenue for the Australian economy. For instance, the government spends a lot of income in dealing with marijuana. The government’s expenditure on cannabis ranges from policing costs and criminal justice (Chan et al., 2018). The policies that govern marijuana usage are characterized by law enforcers who have to be paid for those services. Besides, in prisons, a lot of revenue is spent on managing the massive population prisoner of marijuana usage. In this context, legalization of marijuana will cut off these expenditures, thus boosting the Australian economy. As a result, the income received in this case will help the country to reduce her deficit.

Marijuana is Safer than Tobacco and Alcohol

Remarkably, there exist perceptions that marijuana is more harmful

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